Memphis Barbecue Network

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MBN Membership 1/1/2016
Why have memberships in the Memphis Barbecue Network?
To maintain current databases, contests need information and they need for it to be up to date. The MBN uses this information for communication  for contests, teams, judges and us. By using these databases our contests will be able to communicate less expensively & more timely with our membership.
The MBN will not sell or release private information of its membership to any third party.
Why join?
The Memphis Barbecue Network is working to continue a tradition.  We're looking for experienced judges to join us. And new people to venture into World Class BBQ cooked by the best teams in the world and presented at a traditional Memphis competition.  
What if I am a BBQ Team?
To register your team and head cook just click on the Online Application link.
If you have any other questions about membership or haven't received your badge send an email to and we'll get back to you promptly.